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Bengali Panjika 2023 – Bengali Calendar 1430 (বাংলা পঞ্জিকা 2023)

2023 Bengali Panjika with Monthly Bengali Calendar 2023 | Online Bengali Panjika 2023 | Bangla Panjika Bangabda 1430 | Bangla Panjika Paji 2023 বাংলা পঞ্জিকা, Bengali Panjika: A Cultural Treasure Trove of Festivals, Astrology, and Traditions of Bengal.

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Bengali Panjika 1430 Online

Bengali Panjika 2024 Online – Bengali Calendar 2024

2024 Bengali Panjika with Monthly Bengali Calendar 2024 | Online Bengali Panjika 2024 | Bangla Panjika Bangabda 1430 | Bangla Panjika Paji 2024 বাংলা পঞ্জিকা 2024, Bengali Panjika 2024: A Cultural Treasure Trove of Festivals, Astrology, and Traditions of Bengal.

Bengali Calendar 2023

The Bengali calendar is an ancient calendar of India that is based on Hinduism. Bengali-speaking people in ancient India made sophisticated calendars to find out their pujas, festivals, auspicious days, and wedding dates, which are now known as Bengali Panjika. This Bengali Panjika contains all the days of the year, dates and times, festivals, all pujas, puja vidhi, puja mantras, various Hindu religious information, etc.

Bengali Panjika Online - Bengali Calendar
Shri Lakshmi Full Panjika – Bengali Panjika 2024 – Bengali Calendar 2024

You will find the Bengali traditional calendar online on the Bangla Panjika website ( Bangla Panjika ( is the World’s first online Bangla Panjika where you will get all the information about Bangla Panjika online first and all year round. Here you will find the daily calendar according to the Bengali calendar Tithi, Time, Nirghant of Good Day, Amrit Yoga, Mahendra Yoga, Daily Horoscope, and much more in Bengali.

Bengali People who live in different countries around the world can easily get daily Bengali Panjika at This Bengali Panjika Website provides content about Bengali Panjika and Bengali Calendar worldwide. Every Bengali-speaking people around the world can get daily Bengali Panjika details at their home. is a very user-friendly website that can be used on Mobile/Tablet/Laptop/computer and any devices that have an internet connection can be used easily.

Bengali Panjika is a traditional calendar system that has been used in Bengali culture for generations. It provides a comprehensive guide to Bengali festivals, astrology, and auspicious dates. The calendar is an essential part of Bengali culture and is used to plan important events, marriages, and religious ceremonies.

Bengali Panjika 2024 for the World

Bengali Calendar website ( is a popular Bengali calendar website published all over the world. You can use the traditional Bangla calendar from any part of the world on the Bangla Panjika website. Starting from Bengali festivals according to Hinduism, daily Bengali auspicious nights, daily auspicious tithi and time, daily horoscope, Bengali auspicious marriage date and time, Annaprashan date and time, Gatraharidra tithi and time and more Bengali tithi also according to Bengali Panji.

Bengali Panjika 2024 - Bengali Calendar 2024 - Shri Lakshmi Full Pnajika 2024
Bengali Panjika 2024 – Bengali Calendar 2024 – Shri Lakshmi Full Pnajika 2024

No matter where the Bengali family is in the world, they can easily get the original Bengali Panji calendar (Shri Lakshmi Full Panjika) at home. Bangla panji is needed for any auspicious work but families living abroad cannot get Bengali Panji easily. For this reason, the Bangla Panjika website ( publishes an online Bangla Panji calendar in plain Bengali language for families outside West Bengal.

Follow our website for the daily Bengali calendar and horoscope. Not only the Bengali Calendar but also get auspicious dates and times of all festivals according to Hinduism. All pooja vidhi, essential items for pooja, pooja mantras, how to make prasad for pooja, how to perform yagya or homa, official government festivals and public holidays, valuable information about famous people and much more can be found here.

What are the months of the year in Bengali?

According to the Bengali calendar, there are 12 Bengali months which correspond to different seasons. Below are the names of the 12 Bengali months along with their English months –
1. বৈশাখ (Boisakh): April-May
2. জ্যৈষ্ঠ (Joistho): May-June
3. আষাঢ় (Aashar): June-July
4. শ্রাবণ (Shrabon): July-August
5. ভাদ্র (Bhadro): August-September
6. আশ্বিন (Aashin): September-October
7. কার্ত্তিক (Kartik): October-November
8. অগ্রহায়ণ (Ogrohaon): November-December
9. পৌষ (Poush): December-January
10. মাঘ (Magh): January-February
11. ফাল্গুন (Phalgun): February-March
12. চৈত্র (Choitro): March-April
Every year on 14-15th of April, the new Bengali year starts with the new Bengali calendar.

When is Bengali New Year celebrated?

Bengali New Year is celebrated on the 14th or 15th of April every year. Bengali New Year means Bengali Hindu New Year starts from this day. The Bengali calendar starts from Bengali New Year’s Day.

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